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Not surprisingly, the most significant source of opposition to Nurse Practitioner and Advanced Practice Nurse freedom and expansion of practice has come from the medical community.  Many pushes and statements to prevent APN freedom of practice have been proposed.  These include, “State-based regulation of medicine should be aggressively protected” (AMA, 2006 p. 1), opposition to a nationally recognized regulatory organization for APNs (AMA, 2006), opposition to legislation to expand scope of practice for APNs in various states (Croasdale, 2008), and opposition to legislation surrounding APN practice in retail clinics (O’Reilly, 2007).  Other statements from medicine advocates have attacked NP and APN reputation and practice, suggesting that APNs provide “dumbed down” and “cheap” care (Gottlieb, 2001).  These claims serve to discredit the abilities and use of APNs, creating a mistrusted, underutilized, and ineffective profession.  Interestingly enough, most of the claims of these medicine proponents seem to be aimed at protecting financial security, reputation, and prestige of profession for Physicians.  Evidence, such as that presented in the Pearson Report provides sufficient counterargument against claims that APNs provide safe, effective, efficient, and appropriate care to clients.  The medical community and their advocates, in attempts to limit APN practice, provide many unfounded claims against expansion and uniformity of practice and credentialing of NPs.